Fine Fabrics, Notions and Supplies
for the Dressmaker
For Ladies' Dresses, please visit
Oakley's Dressmaking Establishment.
Welcome to Oakley's Drygoods Emporium.
Miss Cassandra Clanton is ready to
take your order.
valued visitors since January 25, 1880
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We are located in Tombstone, Arizona Territory, in the Year of our Lord 1880, on Fremont Street, near the Post Office.
Oakley's Drygoods Emporium exists in the Tombstone, Arizona Territory, of the Imagination...
Old Lace & Linens
by Maryanne Dolan
Full-Color Victorian Fashions, 1870-1893
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The Historical Roleplay Society by Belle Starr
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Victorian Houseware, Hardware and Kitchenware

Miss Keturah Oakley,