Oakley's Books and Stationery Supply
Books by all your Favorite Authors!
Mark Twain!  John Habberton!
James Fenimore Cooper!
Ernest Bulwar-Lytton!
and more!
Artist's Supplies!
Oil colors
Casein colors
Encaustic colors
Fine artist's papers
Linen canvases
Sable paintbrushes
Bristle paintbrushes
Squirrel paintbrushes
Pony-hair paintbrushes
Artist's smocks
Turpentine and Painting Mediums
Fine Stationery
Hand-made Papers
Mold-made Papers
Chain-laid Papers
Fine Envelopes
Writing Implements
Wooden Pen-Holders
Silver Pen-Holders
assorted sizes of pen nibs
Quill Pens, ready-cut
Quills ready to cut
Writing Pencils
Ink, ready-mixed, in bottles
Dry Ink Mix
Writing Accessories
Pen knives
Desk Blotters
Desk Accessories
Pen Stands
Pen Holders
Pencil Boxes
Desk Lamps
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Authentic Color Schemes for Victorian Houses